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Our sites allow you to create a customized website by simply filling in a few blanks. While our process is simple and easy, the results are powerful and professional.

How it works

Simply create an account and make a payment through our secure online PayPal ordering form. Once you have successfully created an account you can log into your account and quickly add/edit almost every facet of your website using our Online Update System(O.U.S.). Your site will immediately show the changes! You will save time and money using our system.


Your Own Domain Name
Don't settle for this :

Instead get this:

With your Gear Foundation website you can have your own domain name.

Premium Hosting
You don't have to pay for additional hosting, it's all included in our service.

Edit your site's colors and skin images with our easy to use control panel

Welcome Page
Add your latest information as well as news on where you may be performing or upcoming shows.


   Additional Available Feature Information

Splash Page

The splash page is first image users see before entering your site. This image can be static or can be a dynamic flash intro.*

*the flash intro cannot be created online, but can be directly uploaded to your site after the flash movie has been created on your computer.

Why Use Us?

We immediately put your ideas into action. You don't have to waste time trying to coordinate a hosting account to be set up, a webmaster to make your site, or time thinking of how your site should work. We make it happen right away with an impressive site that reflects the level of your professionalism. When you consider all the time you save, the level of design you can achieve, and the cost it would be to host your site somewhere else, we quickly stand out as the ultimate solution.


What Results Can You Expect?

Our designers spent months creating a robust site that has been rigorously tested. We have reliable hosting located in Utah on a high speed secure network. When you compare the alternatives of doing it yourself or through another service, you will quickly see that nobody comes close to what we offer.


Getting Help

Our system is very easy to use, but in the event you do need help we'll be there.

Our contact form is online all the time. When you log into your account, we have set up an easy to use faq area as well as a priority contact area.

In addition, when you log into your account you will find helpful template files to download as well as color schemes.

If you still need help designing skins, we have designers available for a nominal fee.