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Realtor Gear

Houses don't sell themselves, you do. Realtors need professional marketing material that stays fresh and current. With Gear Foundation's Realtor Gear package, your listings can easily stay current thanks to our Online Update System. In addition, through your website you will also be able to easily add pictures of your properties, and keep your bio and news current.

Our Realtor Gear websites maintain a professional and clean look while also being designed with features to help create relationships between you and prospective clients.

Our Home Tools (property reports, market analysis, mortgage calc, etc.) are filled with valuable information designed to bring clients in touch with you.

Our user friendly MLS Search allows customers to find local properties in your area. Our MLS Search then eliminates the phone numbers of the listing agents and channels customers to you.

  Key features to take advantage of...  

Online Update System
All of our features take advantage of our Online Update System. This ensures that your news will stay fresh, your bio and resume will stay up-to-date, and listings will always stay current.

Choice of two M.L.S. tools to take advantage of!!!
MLS Search
Choose from using our custom built integrated MLS search tool that allows your clients to search the MLS listings by price, square feet, bathrooms, etc. When they have reviewed a property on your site, they can contact you directly with all the property information by either e-mail or phone. The user can also e-mail property information directly from your site to a friend. Using this feature forwards you the contact information of the web user and the email address of the friend receiving this information. Our MLS tool even blocks the phone number of a real estate agents who puts their phone number in the MLS home description area. This tool makes every effort to ensure that the home buyer goes through you so you can make the commission!
To view this feature in action, click here.

MLS Search + Login
Instead of choosing our MLS system, you can integrate our partner's MLS search tool. It offers a different set of features that allow clients to perform home searches, contact you directly, and create unique logins to access their previous searches. In addition, clients can receive listings via e-mail automatically based on their past searches. To view this feature in action, click here.

Featured Listings
In addition, to integrating your website with your local MLS, you can add your own featured listings to your site. With our Online Update System, adding listings to your website is easy. Each listing comes with the capability to add one picture. When a featured listing becomes available, creating virtual photo tours is a snap with our online photo gallery*. Of course if you don't add the gallery feature to your site, a photo addition is included free with each listing. This feature is not only a great tool for real estate agents, but also works well for any type of property management company looking to show off their properties.

Give people an introduction to what you do and keep them up-to-date with the latest events and news of the properties and clients you are working with.

Homes don't sell themselves, you do. Many of your clients would like to know a brief background of how you became a realtor and why your past experiences may help them find or sell the perfect home.

When packaged with the Realtor Listing feature, your website is upgraded with a contact form that allows prospective clients to fill out an optional questionaire about their home needs. The contact form also helps reduce spam. In addition, you can also place telephone information, and the physical address information to the side of the form.


  Suggested additional features to add...  

E-mail Forwarding
In order to create a more professional image, you may wish to add e-mail forwarding. For example, you may wish to have "" send email to

* gallery feature optional


  Features you may also want...  


With the gallery feature, you will be able to create virtual tours of different properties that can integrate into the listings feature.

PDF Creation
Many clients may be interested in attaining your bio. With the PDF feature, your clients can easily save and print a PDF version of your bio. Don't worry about creating a PDF bio on your own, your website will create it automatically based on the information on your website. Also, you can easily add a header to the PDF document with the online update system.




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